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Hello~! I reached 1.1k followers less than a week ago so I figured it was time to make a follow forever! I wanted to thank all of the blogs I follow for posting such amazing content and keeping my dash so lively! You are all such wonderful and kind people~ You inspire me everyday to keep trying and for that I am truly grateful! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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Hey guys, I’m probably not gonna be on tumblr that much for a little while, the reasons for this include 1. Being very busy with classes and needing to focus 2. Having laptop issues and trying to limit my use of it, and 3. Just not feeling up to it (or anything much D:) I’ll try to still respond to messages, just give me a bit more time than usual. Thanks! I’ll try to get it together here and not be gone too long ww

If you haven’t started reading Clickhole yet, you should do that

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Mikoshiba Mikorin Mikoto (御子柴 実琴)
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 02

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Anonymous said: Thank you I loved to know it!<3 And this only makes me want Hibiya to accept Konoha friendship more!XD And yeah I agree they're all like a family, everybody is so cute together!*O* Sorry to take your time with silly question but one last question, which chapter of LN Hibiya and Konoha joined?

Definitely agreed!! :) I think we’ll see them have an actual friendship in the future for sure! Oh and that chapter is in the 3rd LN which I happen to have right next to me, it looks like it’s towards the end of the Children Record 1 chapter where they realize Hibiya has an eye power~

Anonymous said: what do you think an alternate ending for kagepro anime would be? Maybe from the last two episodes?

Are you asking for just like an ending to the anime that I make up? :O Well if I was writing Kagepro, Ayano wouldn’t have lived (sorry :(). Hiyori can definitely come back still though… ok I won’t let this turn into a “what I disliked about the ending” post ww

One thing I think would have been really interesting to see is if all the people who were still stuck in the Haze got out at the end, and what that would be like for the Dan members to meet those people again. It wouldn’t have been a good thing to just tack onto the ending, because idk there hasn’t been enough development of most of those characters with the Dan members, but maybe if it more focused on the people they lost in the past we could see what happens when they come back after a certain amount of years?  I’d like to hear more from those people though, like how we heard from Shion one last time in the end! Idk this is a hard question I’ll have to think about it some more :P

Anonymous said: is it that dong picture?

yes that was the most unexpected thing I’ve seen on my tumblr dash in a while I’m still laughing

scrolls down
sees that picture
scrolls back up at the speed of light